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Green Waste Solutions builds on the GORE® Cover System.

Green Waste Solutions (GWS) develops, constructs and operates industrial composting plants. With us, ecology and economy go hand in hand.

We are completely dedicated to our projects – from beginning to end. At the beginning is the land – and at the end come the benefits of successful operation with a good or even very good return on investment.

We take a holistic approach to development: from purchasing a suitable plot of land through building on the acquired property to obtaining all the necessary permits. The latter is frequently very time-consuming and demands a high level of expertise, so we utilise the experience of a leading global engineering consultancy.

Once all the permits have been obtained, the plant is erected using the GORE® Cover System.

On completion, we operate the industrial composting plant over the long term. In other words, not only do ecology and economy go hand in hand with us, but we also keep the plant reliably in hand. From beginning to end, you might say.

Industrial composting solves a growing worldwide problem, which is that more and more organic waste is being produced. Waste, though, is actually the wrong word for it – at least, that’s what we think. Why? Because it’s actually a valuable raw material.

Using the GORE® Cover System, we convert this organic raw material within just eight weeks – into premium compost. We do so by copying, accelerating and monitoring nature: we use natural processes.

That’s how we stay true to our motto: “OUR NATURE IS OUR PASSION”.

We are currently live our passion through subsidiaries in Germany, Africa and in the United Arab Emirates.

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